Bruce Brouwn

Bruce Brouwn was raised in a very artistic environment. Already at a very young age, he discovered the world of art by drawing, painting and sculpting. During this period of childhood, Bruce enjoyed visiting art exhibitions and (modern) art museums, and the urge to create/visualize became a never ending process, up till today. At the age of 19, he started to discover the computer as an artistic tool. During this time period, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Mac and even Internet were not developed. Instead, he mastered the dedicated computer hardware program Quantel Paintbox, and became one of the first artist worldwide using this as a digital artistic tool.



"Today, Bruce Brouwn is one of the most experienced professional artist specialized in photographic image manipulation / creation."

Next to the high standard professional image creation work for the advertising world, the creation of personal art never stopped. By non stop experimenting, more and more specialized art skills/techniques were developed during the last 23 years of his professional image and art creation.


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